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Hi Everyone.
Contrary to popular belief, I am not from Japan. I'm actually techno4tomcats being a complete dork. This is my Pokemon art and scribble journal, to declutter my main journal, since it seems to me mostly Pokemon related.

This LJ will be used for fan-works and fan TCG card artwork. It will contain excessive amounts of Dragon type Pokemon, Legendaries and just about anything goes.
Gratuitous amounts of Arceus may or may not apply.
If you want me to watch you back, please comment here so I can add you back! I will be offering exclusive downloads of high rez artwork (something I don't do normally) under friends lock. :)


Coat of Arms


These are a series of sketches I've been doing while working on other projects. I love Heraldic imagery and the Unova region is perfect for it, given it's wide range of Pokemon and character designs are based on English/Scottish and French elements. I'd really love to clean up some of these and print them on shirts. :)

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Sacred Sword Trio; sketch

Oh dear! Hello! I did not mean to neglect this journal, just life has been all topsy turvy for me the past few months.

Long story short, I got into Naval basic training. And then I became seriously ill. I'd rather not mention publicly what was wrong with me, only it is still affecting me and my ability to function properly. I was medically discharged from the Navy and it is very unlikely I can pursue a career in the military. I am having surgery in the next week to fix up a chronic problem and my quality of life should hopefully get better!

I have done some new Pokemon artwork, I will be posting this shortly to this blog. I mainly want to share with you a new sketch I have done of the 'Musketeer Trio' of Generation V. (by the way I am playing Black and my friends code is 4856 5873 5390 )

I did this sketch to diffuse and to break from my commissions (which I love doing, but I need a creative break). The Holy Sword Trio is my favourite 'trio' topping even my love for the Sinnoh dragons. (and I love dragons!)

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Happy Black and White Launch Day!

Well, it's September 17th here and the official launch of Generation V and Pokemon Black and White is less than 24 hours away!

To celebrate I've done a wallpaper design to share with you!

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Reshiram and Zekrom welcome you to the Fifth Generation in epic style! Of course collectorviper has some amazing HD wallpapers of this artwork, pop over to this post to download them!

Sacred Fire

This was done for poke_arts as part of the August exchange. I like using the prompts given as chances to experiment with colour/lighting/style.
This month's prompt was:
I love either scenes where one pokemon is protecting another or epic battle scenes. I shall just list pokemon I like and you can choose which you'd like to draw most :D (Pidgey, Pidgeot, Aerodactyl, Ho-oh, Doduo, Shaymin, Arceus, Tsutaja (5th gen), Mamepato (5th gen), Shikijika (5th gen)) Have fun with it

I decided early on I wanted to try having on character as the entire background and another in the foreground. I also wanted to invert the traditional way of representing depth Warm > Cool and instead cool is fore and warm is aft. It tends to make the eye go a bit crazy.

Anyway I ended up choosing Ho-Oh battling Arceus.

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Dark Fox

Again, puttering along with the backlog of Poke-art I have failed to post!
This one was a straight out art piece done for poke_arts. I enjoy doing the monthly exhcnages, it's good practice and stops me drawing Arceus all day long.
Funnily enough, this is the image that turned me from disliking Zoroark to loving it and it's pre-evo, Zoroa.

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Commission: Molten Steel

I recently decided to take some commissions earn some money to help me to continue my training for joining the Navy. Some of these have been Pokemon themed, which are always fun! I've been a bit slack on updating this, as it is supposed to be an "archive" of sorts of my pokemon art. Oh dear. ^^; I'll be updating more often!

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Divine Grace 天佑神助

Okay, er wow! I've neglected this account a bit. I have some new art to share! If you watch techno4tomcats I posted this a while ago.
Firstly, I have to share an artwork done exclusively for collectorviper, and is a sub-set of "Divine Grace" series, where I emulate the style brief of the amazing Legend series cards.

The image here is downsized, please pop over to this post to download the gleaming editions for your computer wallpaper. :)

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I'm working on another Divine Grace 天佑神助 card, this time featuring some unloved Legendaries. Guess which ones? (it's a trio!)